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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 31, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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occur in 20142015 both in after last year's scandal 14 officers were accused of sending maurices text messages. diaz says he notified san francisco police chief of the text messages wednesday. the department's internal affairs bureau discovered the text messages last fall. the investigating officer jason says that the department's investigation determined for officers and all and the department immediately suspended them for the case to the police commission there were
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three other officers the received raises taxes. officer being investigated said that there was no response. >> pam: the union representing the police officers quickly denounced the text messages. in a statement released this afternoon. the union president said. quote. the san francisco police officer's assocation condems the appauling racist behavior committed by a handful of officers. they have disgraced the uniform and their profession. this conduct will not be tolerated." the p.o.a. says. it supports the chief taking disciplinary action. today's revelations come a year. after similar allegations against 14 other san francisco police officers emerged.
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it was revealed in court documents. they exchanged racist and homophobic text messages in 2012. what followed months later, was a police department investigation during which several officers resigned. the others facing discipline. but last december, a superior court judge ruled. that the officers could not be punished or fired. because the department failed to deal with the misconduct within one year. in san jose. city hall is the new frontline in the ongoing war against graffiti and taggers * * * the sprawling complex at 4th and east santa clara. has been defaced with tags like these, for several weeks now. the graffiti is thought to be gang- related. >> pam:at first. it was happening about once a week, but lately the building is being hit on a nightly basis. surveillance video has been turned over to police. and extra security measures, such as more lighting and night time patrols. are under consideration. the viral video of the confrontation between two san francisco state university students. is taking on an added twist tonight.
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austin king. shot the video that has now been seen more then two- point- five million times on you-tube. he captured an african- american woman. arguing with a white man. because he was wear dreadlocks. in an exclusive interview with kron 4 news. king explained, he overheard the woman talking to someone else about the man. and that she wanted to confront him. so, king decided to follow her. and what unfolded was the confrontation that has sparked outrage. at the end of the video. you see the woman come after king and his camera. king says, he plans to press charges against her. even though the man she initially confronted is not. tonight at 8. more of our
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exclusive interview with austin king. what was said in the heat of the moment. why he posted the video. and what he hopes will come from it. kron 4's dan kerman will have that exclusive report tonight at 8. >> pam:it has been more than two weeks. but bart says, engineers still have no idea what is causing a spike in voltage on a stretch of track in the east bay. kron 4's kate cagle is live at the north concord station. where commuters are still dealing with headaches. bart riders in the east bay faced another problem with the transit system again today. >> reporter: running every 10 minutes now. and you see the east bay commuters just really want to get home so jill teller
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living with a temporary situation just like everyone else caught up with him as the took part from pittsburgh and it board meeting in oakland admits the shuttles could be paying especially and the weather is bad. "the next step requires all passengers to get off the train in order to get through the court system. the >> reporter: of people working on the clock to its limit was involved the spike. it's powerful enough the damaged cars and put them out of service for days. there are certain that the bart cars less susceptible to damage another's right now working to reshuffle the whole
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system and china put all of those cars here on pittsburg a point line hopefully they can get rid of this service. the attorney, resolving any issue. >> pam:this time, it was a driver that crashed into a fence. dangerously close to the tracks. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the sitaution forced bart to slow down service for a while. >> reporter: all the bowriders stuck on the platform because of this and the video from helicopter partnership with abc
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seven and the fun stevenson they gave chase began see here the ground as a tow truck gets ready to pull the car away hit the fence picard. the concern was that the tree debris may have impacted the tracks. officials say the fence and did its job. unfortunately the situation was investigated cleaned up a bar had to run single trains through the area as a precaution that caused major delays. a few hours later they were able to resume normal service. the suspects stevenson did leave the police out foot chase he was eventually caught taken to hospital before being booked.
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>> pam:a couple of suspected cell phone bandits are on the run. and police say, they tried to runover a witness as they fled. mountain view police are looking for 60- year -old scott gilman and 55-year- old rebecca fowler. they say, fowler swiped two phones from a sprint store on north rengstorff avenue. just before 7 p-m yesterday. investigators say, the couple got into a car and started to pull away. fowler was behind the wheel, and police say, she saw someone trying to take a picture of the license plate and sped toward the person. the witness jumped out of the way and fowler hit a parked car. then drove off. >> pam:we have been telling you about the numerous sexual assaults 'near' the cal campus over the past several weeks. now there is a new crime wave. this time, it is targeting people 'on' campus. kron 4's averi harper reports on what happened last night, that has people once again questioning their safety.
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california lawmakers have now approved landmark legislation to increase the minimum wage. catherine heenan is here with the latest developments. >> catherine:as soon as governor brown signs this bill into law - which he's expected to do - california will have the highest minimum wage deal in the country. democrats - who control both chambers - call this a boon to more poorest workers. and say it should be an example to the rest of the nation. republicans - and some business owners and economists - are less thrilled. saying the annual raises could lead to price hikes and lay-
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offs. be huge. the increases will start with a boost from $10 an hour to $10.50 on january first. the state of new york is considering a similar move. there is much more ahead at five. controversy over donald trump's comments on abortion will not die down. next. how is rivals hope to use it to turn their campaigns around. plus a surprising surge in california ahead of the election. next who is signing up to vote in droves. and later. what has tesla fans lining up across the bay area today. on the presidential campaign
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>> catherine: >> pam: trail today. topic number one was reaction to donald trump's suggestion that women should be punished, if they have illegal abortions. catherine heenan is here with a story that everyone seems to be talking about today. except for the candidate himself. catherine? pam, the donald was keeping an uncharacteristically low profile. waving at reporters from a distance as he met with the republican national committee in washington. staying far away from microphones, he did his talking through social media. republicans and democrats facing some high stakes primaries in
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the coming weeks. >> catherine: the same temple republicans john and tim crews were ramping up their criticism of the front runner. dibbled attacking trump for making and retracting the controversial comment about women who illegal abortions. speaking of a conservative wisconsin radio station that during on jimmy campbell crude his dislike of the dollar from its personal. >> catherine: couple shows that
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trump is the most unpopular presidential candidate on record abc washington post survey to of three americans viewed him months the berlin the releases the poll began 32 years ago. one silver lining calorie is also in the negative in her case the difference is not a lopsided. if it's high stakes and the primaries coming weeks and wisconsin latest polls show 10 crews and barry sanders and the lead in york paul trump and hillary clinton. >> pam:in new york, it's donald trump clinton is using the latest controversy to attack donald bernie sanders.
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york state. the front runner "outrageous". interview. hota sanders spokesman says the vermont senator has a 100 percent lifetime voting record choose. today sanders was in pittsburgh thousand. there he lashed out at clinton for her support of trade agreements and her close ties to wall street. wisconsin holds its primary next week. there sanders holds a slim 4 point lead in the polls right now.
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there has been a surge of younger californians interested in voting. in the upcoming presidential election. according to numbers released by the state. more than 550 - thousand people have with registered to vote, or updated existing information. in the first three- months of the year. of those. 36-percent were between the ages of 17 and 25. the secretary of state says, there's a wave of younger people engaged in the democratic process who want to vote. california residents who are 17-years-old can register. if they will be 18 or older by the next election. marin county sheriff's deputies are starting to crack down on speeding bicyclists. on county bike paths. beginning in april. deputies will use radar, and the more accurate lidar -- light detection and ranging -- devices. to help slow down people using open space district lands. this is all in an effort to improve visitor experience and safety. parks officials say, a serious injury accident between a bicyclist and pedestrian in 20- 14. demonstrated the need to for speed reduction measures.
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now there is a mandatory 15 mile- an - hour limit on unpaved roads. and 5 mile- an -hour limit when passing around blind corners. bcn18:marin co.: deputies will use lidar, radar to slow speeding bicycles in open space preserves >> britteny: it will be getting there until we get lots of sunshine a few clouds have started to develop you can see in the distance and as we go to the rest of tonight clouds hang are on the pettifog area develops this evening in last until tomorrow we track a pretty quiet for cast for you and warmer conditions right into weekend temperatures at 72 and nab but 76 and antioch so we have warmed up close to 70 plan
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1061 in oakland and still not the '60s daly city half moon bay temperatures nevada of 64 and into the rest of tonight expect conditions to drop into low to mid 50's for inland locations the coast will be in the low 50s patchy fog starts to develop by 8:00 p.m. 56 inland locations everyone dropped down into a 52 by 9:00 p.m.. a quiet evening not quite as windy as we were seeing. satellite radar shows an area of low pressure bringing a few snow showers to the sierra for the past couple days and it is shifted far enough to the east we see high pressure rebuilding over the next couple days. we track this weather disturbance that will not push on shore pugnacity rainfall we continue to see dry conditions coming up the track a hazard alert and what i you know what to expect a week and warmer going out to the ocean and also close to look at the 3 day forecast at about 15 minutes.
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the new i-phone 's-e' and i-pad- pro 9- point -7 inch tablet. our tech trends reporter gabe slate was at an apple store for the big launch. and was launch the stores usually open up at 8am on these launch days not this time. and this time there was no pre- order in store pick up. so everyone who ordered online is getting their new i-device jessica was here to pick up the new iphone se. she has been waiting for a new smaller iphone to come out. she likes a phone that can fit in her pocket. kara's cupcakes a little bakery next door to this apple store usually is slammed on iphone launch days they love when apple puts out new products. lots of hungry people after being in line for hours. but today they did not even know. so good news for people who want this new phone or ipad it's looking like no funny business this time around. no lines, no sell outs, no huge mark ups on ebay or craigslist no rush it's as it should be. if you want the device go pick it up
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>> pam:long lines at bay area tesla stores today. ahead of tonight's big announcement. a new tesla. which is way more affordable!! grant lodes is here with all the buzz this news is creating. >> grant:people do not even know what the car is going to look like.but they're camping out.and lining up to pre-order.and forking over a one thousand dollar deposit to be among the first to get one. the deposit is refundable.but the exact price of the car isn't even known. said to be around 35 grand. the line wrapped all around several stores here at the broadway plaza shopping center in downtown walnut creek. the big reveal is tonight at 8:30 our time. it will be called the model 3. should be available in a year and a half or so.
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one walnut creek husband better get his wife a heck of a mor's day gift. >> grant:southern californiia design studio tonight at 8:30. we'll be steaming that live on we'll also have the latest on kron4 news at 8:00. >> pam:still ahead at five. a trip to the dentist office. ends tragically for a young boy. next at 5:30. the boy's father tells kron four, why he has launched a campaign for caleb's law. plus. the f-b-i agrees to unlock more i-phones. details of the case the
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government is now helping with. next.
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an east bay family is demanding changes tonight after their young son died, following a routine dental procedure. the six year-old died after he was given general anesthesia to remove a tooth. the boy's father talked with kron 4's j.r stone. >> j.r.: year, just days after a trip to the dentist's office. his father tim says caleb was given general anesthesia so his tooth could be removed. sot we had a really blessed life with two amazing kids and overnight it changed and we have to get used to this new life we have and make the best of it. it's hardit's hard. in california oral surgeons are trained to perform dental procedures "and" administer general anesthesia. tim believes that had a separate person been administering and monitoring caleb's anesthesia,the outcome would have been much different.
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sot there's no doubt in my mind that had their been a separate person whose job was just to do the anesthesia and monitor caleb he'd still be alive. tuesday tim will head to sacramento and give that same opinion to lawmakers. pushing for assembly bill 2235. a bill regulating anesthesia use among young patients. sot we had no clue that there wasn't going to be a separate trained expert and that that was the standard practice in every other field. slightly warmer in the weekend. >> j.r.: alicea and killings case the dental association issued a statement in response saying that there saddened by the tragic loss of young life and making sure that the care is safely and effectively provided
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every day to every person. but the snaffle statement go to our web site kron4news-dot-com. >> britteny: here is what to expect into the rest of tonight patchy fog preconditions by tomorrow that patchy fog will linger the of all colors for the cause and effect friday that a lesson to part of a week and tracking slightly warmer conditions into a weekend. winds desolate stronger sustained closer to 24 mi. an hour and when does about 30 wednesday to stand at 20 heyward 16 redwood city and 17 in fairfield sunday forecast doesn't threaten the weekend temperatures keep climbing mid-70s saturday sunday. we'll have to deal with morning clouds patchy fog also saturday. and 50 mazatec close
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look at the 70 forecast and more in-depth look at it weakened outlook. >> pam:the f-b-i has agreed to help unlock two more i-phones. arkansas. catherine heenan is here with >> catherine: of that the fbi has figured out how to do this the feds are helping authorities and arkansas amok phones of two teenagers accused of murder. boys charged with killing the grandparents of one of the teenagers in july last year. the prosecutors believe that there is relevant l evidence on the phone which to use in trial. they of course apple refused to help it or not, and encrypted phone but they figured out how to do it without the company's help. using an unidentified
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third party. . there may in building in the ramp at injury finalized next week. the prime suspect in the paris attacks can be sent to france. to face charges. salah abdelslam agreed to the he was captured two- weeks ago in belgium. during a huge police abdelslam is accused of helping plan and carryout the november dead. he was on the run for four - months before authorities caught up to him.
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they captured him just four days before the deadly attacks init is now up to belgian and french authorities to work out the handover. which is not two missionaries injured during the attack on the brussels signs of improvement. they are well enough that high- ranking mormon church officials to utah earlier this week sotwo other missionaries were injured in the twin blasts. both remain hospitalized in belgium. hosting his fourth nuclear security summit, president obama met with world leaders today in washington, d.c. there they discussed ways to nuclear smuggling. from our partners at c-n-n. dianne gallagher reports. world leaders gather in washington, d.c. for the nuclear security summit.
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president obama launched the initiative six years ago, with the hopes of creating a world free of nuclear weapons but in 2016, that goal seems far away. no where was that more apparent than in his meeting with the south korean president and we are united in our efforts to deter and defend against north provocations, like launching missiles and conducting its fourth nuclear test in january, bomb. all making both south korea and another provocation, it is even
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tougher sanctions. a special concern is north korea's nuclear and missile and grave threat. a threat, president obama hopes china can help alleviate. it's one of the topics under chinese president. though the relationship on security is often strained between the u.s. and china, obama has said he feels positive inroads were made earlier this tougher sanctions on north korea. summit, security challenges posed by extremist groups behind france, belgium, pakistan, and from getting their hands on nuclear materials. also looming large, russia is not attending the summit, which tomorrow. gallagher. still ahead at five. the a's and giants are back! series is coming up at 5:45. stocks closed mostly lower
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looking up to find something falling from an airplane is an but that's just what happened in arizona yesterday. one women went outside her house in mesa to find the emergency
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escape slide from an airplane in her front yard. andrea self.says she lives directly under a flight path and is used to hearing loud jet engines.but yesterday the noise was something like she hadn't heard before. smelled burning sulfer when it hit. was only a small amount of damage to her tree. mesa police responded to the scene after receiving more than one 9-1-1 call about something after some ivestigating they found it came from a boeing 7-67 that was on its final descent. the right over-the-wing- emergency slide deployed while flying at about 28-hundred- feet. according to the f-a-a the plane was carrying just a few crew memebers and was able to land safely. >> pam:a skydiver is lucky to be alive it happened at 12-thousand feet just moments after he leaped out of an airplane near tampa, florida. the whole thing. caught on video. grant is here with the dramatic pictures and the skydiver's story of survival. >> grant:this gopro video shows
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exactlyeverything looks fine after the two men jump out of the plane. then they collide. everything starts to spin as the two men spiral toward the earth. sebastian leal says he can't remember anything that happened following the collision. a parachute did deploy and he clipped some power lines on the way down. he ended up landing on the side of a road. breaking four vertebrae. he is paralyzed from the waist down. but get this, even after this horrific accident, sebastian hopes to return to skydiving. "i am optimisitc that one day i will fly a wing suit again. "there are other skydivers who have been handicapped and who have been able to back on their wing suits, which is inspiring for me. and i hope that i serve as an inspiration for others as well." sebastian is starting rehab today which will take several
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he says he is thankful for the person who called in the accident to police, saying it as for the other skydiver some how he wasn't hurt. pam. >> pam:still ahead at five. the prank the warriors pulled on their teammate festus ezeli.
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the boys of summer are back! the a's and giants have returned home to the bay area. for their final spring training games before the regular seires starts. kron 4's jr stone is live at at&t park with more. jr? >> j.r.: paul beck in the bay area its exhibition nevertheless oakland athletics and the giants
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here in town step away but the oakland a ballplayer is taking the key right now agree to cede some of the guy is a the last couple months. albeit this is our losses and game of the two bay area teams and might as well talk to oakland a's fans i ran into before the game take a listen.
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the seesaw of san francisco giants fans in the distance talking with transplants they expect a lot from this is an even year in to get back to the world series we need a win the world series you hear from some the giants fans coming up at 610. >> pam: we know the warriors' steph curry is popular. but fans are literally falling over to get his autograph. this happened last night before the team's game in utah with the jazz. four fans fell out of the stands and onto the floor, landing right at steph's feet.
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they had some bumps and bruises but were able to return to their seats. a gate between the stands and the tunnel to the locker room gaveway and the utah jazz say they're now looking into what went wrong. the team is going to re-evaluate safety measures around the court. and april fools' day came early for the bay area's dream team. grant lodes is here with the prank that one warriors player pulled on another. the ride share company lift was in on was a local sports radio show. murph and mac. andre iguodala.punking teammate festus ezeli. check it out. "live to hear. pimento." "to sources close to the warriors say backup center is
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going to be released from his contract note
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full version on kron4news-dot- com
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>> britteny:: the few hazard and affect tomorrow until saturday evening it will be very tempting everything and warming up into a week and we're watching for dangerous rip currents and secure way be very careful going into the water for
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this public and pettifogging to tonight lingering in the committee tomorrow celebrate our charts showing quiet conditions right now not even dealing with lingering snow showers like yesterday. a few clouts off the coast we see partly cloudy skies into tomorrow and not seen any rainfall associated with that system. that system behind it through the north of us bringing rain fall to the north of our area we continue see dry conditions into a weekend.
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sustained at 24 mi. an hour in hayward. temperatures drop in mid-40s in santa rosa 50 san francisco and then another round of low seventies for the south bay. a closer look of a pencil in north bay 6167 petaluma and then to the ocean beach the forecast shows a warming trend a with a little bit of a break monday take a look next week ates possibly wednesday.
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just about everyone's favorite modern royal, prince william is getting some major cool points for pitching in like a knight in shining armor. the insider's debbie matenopoulos has that story from los angeles. "it was quite a surprise for a worker who fell out of a tree in england." "at that point i didn't realize it's not everyday you're resuced:41 "it wasn't until they actually loaded me into the helecopter that i went oh willsy better not be flying thisvo#2 royal insider. charlie lankston of the daily mail dot com. 01.09.53 william is a pilot for an air ambulance service it's his duty to be a hero every day.
5:58 pm
01.09.07 william rescued this man they were in the helicopter and the man said i hope prince william isn't flying the helicopter and prince william said hello here i am i've been holding your head for 30 min. the man had no idea because william didn't make a song and dance about it. "once he flew that man from the hospital william stayed in the emergency room for 40 mins." all in a days work for the 33 year old future king of england. "it is worthwhile valuable. to me there's an element of duty about it." we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm debbie matenopoulos back to you, pam.
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now at six. more trouble is in store for the san francisco police department. several more police officers are suspected of sending racist and homophobic text messages. good evening, i'm pam moore. this comes after 14 other s-f- p-d officers were suspected of sending similar messages. kron 4's dan kerman joins us of justice. with reaction from dan. >> reporter: officers were suspended back then last fall.
6:01 pm
after this was discovered. george's accusing it lisa for san francisco police officers ascending terraces text messages in 20142015 and during last year's scandal 14 officers were accused of sending racist attacks. this comes at office made a discovery last week after reviewing 5000 pages of documents and on related criminal case.
6:02 pm
>> reporter: other officers were investigated at this clinic as they did not centex and it pass messages.
6:03 pm
there >> reporter: adding in the late this afternoon. jeff said " every person in san francisco says they deserve equal justice does them >> pam:the san francisco public defender is now adding his voice to the racist texts controversy. in a statement released last this afternoon. jeff adachi said quote -- every person in san francisco deserves equal justice. it does them a grave disservice to dismiss every hateful act as an isolated incident. the police department must address the culture that lets racism fester in its ranks."
6:04 pm
>> grant: racially offensive homophobic. and sent 2.12 they did not start investigating until early 2015. >> pam: appears to be no end in sight the problems for you commuters taking the train passes north concord. engineers have no time estimate for improving service after the mysterious paul spicer is less with north concord station commuters trying to get home at during this rush-hour. >> reporter: the bart president
6:05 pm
knows the had a firsthand the. caught up with him as it took the chain from pittsburgh to a closed-door board meeting in oakland and admits that sheldon b. payne a specialist bad experiencing like we did last week. part is calling the
6:06 pm
engineers working on this issue a tiger team. top engineers working round-the-clock to figure out what's causing the spike in voltage after two weeks of investigation the stock of no idea. they put shankar out of service for days but the good news is that the sub train car can handle this better than others and right now that our focus on shuffling all the cars in their system trying to get the parties once on the pittsburgh a point line and hopefully they can get rid of this disruption in service.
6:07 pm
>> reporter: hugins but several and tags that were painted over. more light and cameras extra security at night or said to be under consideration and an effort to catch a prosecute those responsible. the city is
6:08 pm
making it easier pushing at that residents can down load on their phones and then report any graffiti that might be reported in their neighborhood. >> pam: catherine heenan is here with that state trooper is fighting for his life. the gunman was shot and killed nearby. tonight - every indication is that the trooper was specifically targeted. end of a training mission for state police. part of the training involves talking to civilians. when a trooper walked up to a man at the entrance to the bus
6:09 pm
pulled out a gun and shot him. the two injured civilians were shot afterwards - and they're expected to survive. richmond city officials are senseless.saying it's a sad day in the city's history. investigators are trying to figure out a motive and are expected to release more details >> catherine: witnesses told police the man appears to be mentally disturbed. not much as
6:10 pm
expected but most years, i expected from the oakland a's and can often a distance. some talk over the last couple of days you see the supply ships and in the outfield. >> j.r.: have been 68/home runs into the water over at right field notes/home runs last year. and of their hope to change that this year. the so say that it great to be back at&t park
6:11 pm
naysay quite frankly good giants. i got here live warning reporter cowboy trent differences the giants and poland's there as well. it took off their caps and vans mixed in with the kron 4 occur when the distance. there chewing gum is a
6:12 pm
bubble gum already to get things started first pitch at 715 this evening. >> pam: juror break through a new discovery could lead to a possible treatment plus new apple i phone finally hear why the usual hype is missing from this year's launch.
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in the east bay today. the lines car. this walnut creek mom got up extra early and packed her kids line. but this wasn't any line, it was a line to get a new family car, and not just any car, but a and emily was not the only mom in line - sot/tc: 30 angie kenitzer/tesla buyer we came from vacaville
6:16 pm
and the two had plenty of company - take a look for yourself, the line wrapped all around several stores here at the broadway plaza shopping center in downtown walnut creek. sot/tc: it is just exciting. nats- cookies. so what is so great about this telsa, well, the fully electric car is more affordable then it's previously models, the model 3 will be listed at 35 thousand and even less with incentives. here on this day, all of these people were putting down a 1 thousand dollar deposit, and then they must wait until until it's late 2017 release. well? sot yes, all worth it. and emily as well as others say
6:17 pm
it is still worth it ven though they won't get their car fro 2017. new at six. gas prices have hit a record according to triple-a. americans paid the cheapest quarterly gas prices in 12 years during the in other words. americans have saved 10-billion dollars on gas so far this year. the national average price of gas between january and march this year was 1-dollar-86- cents. another 25 cents per gallon by memorial day. here's a look at gas prices here in the bay area. in oakland. the average price of regular gas is 2-75 per gallon. california lawmakers approved the nations highest statewidethe bill will raise wages to 15- dollars an hour and is set to angeles, saying the measure
6:18 pm
proves again that california can get ahead. the increases would state with a boosts from 10-dollars to 10-50 on jan 1st. the governor believes the bill raises the minimum wage in a careful and responsible way. >> pam: two strong arm robberies crazy shows where the crime occurred where people are saying tonight. >> grant: people on edge after 7:00 tuesday night and ellsworth parking structure and night and 19 year-old guy has arms grabbed from behind while another win for us through its pockets taking his wallet the suspects to young men. to half-hour's letter to women responsible their the octagon bridge one woman on a bench escobar wrote persons found its are walking away. the two women threatened him and then ran. the sinsyne campus watching their backs
6:19 pm
described as an east indian women in the robbery described as indian braided hair the other young woman described as being 5 ft. nine. >> britteny: live look outside right now see all but a cloud cover patchy fog develops overnight continuing tomorrow. we want open the weekend and we of a hazard alert for you in effect friday morning. it's
6:20 pm
tempting to go to the beach and be very careful the thought lingers into morning commute satellite radar shot shows quite conditions of low weekend. the check-in of a system behind this and it will bring rain fall and mainly to the north to continue to meet some clouds and slightly warmer temperatures in to set a sunday monday we start to drop back down a little bit before track temperatures in the '80s. it shows as we go out through the weekend against paying dry and temperatures continue warming up a very comfortable the next couple days 74 degrees right now in napa 61 richmond and low 50s daily city when speeds breezy and oakland and then also sustained at 25 mi. an hour wednesday in fairfield are
6:21 pm
around 23 in livermore. and 16 san jose as and look in the rest of tonight's temperatures dropped on a 46 pleasanton 48 degrees in san jose. and then all of the '70s on the map for the south bay final the east bay and temperatures conquered 74 antioch and then san francisco will warm in to the low 60s 71 in santa rosa 74 past and 10 minutes. >> pam:it could be a big step forward in fighting the zika virus. a team of researchers at indiana's purdue university have structure of the virus. catherine heenan is here with details of the discovery. this is important since figuring out the 'structure' of the virus >> catherine:could be a big help in developing treatments and vaccines. it could also help researchers learn how zika is transmitted.and how it manifests as a disease. the university team is the
6:22 pm
first to get this far. and since 'students' helped -- purdue says it's also going to it's mostly spread by mosquitoes.with most of the riskzika has been tied to severe birth defects. >> pam:coming up. plus. a big surprise for apple. coming up your earbuds are in, i'm sorry
6:23 pm
all the loopholes for bike riders in california have been bike riders in san francisco tried to keep me from producing, i'll explain in the next edition
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6:25 pm
no lines. the new i=phone 's=e' and i=pad pro nine point seven inch tablet officially went on sale at ten this morning. these devices don't feature any ground breaking new technology they are taking specs from the bigger devices and packaging them into a smaller form factor. in the fall when the i=phone seven is launched that is expected to get more fan=fare and the usual hype but as our tech trends reporter
6:26 pm
high demand for these new >> gabe: a question so does this compare to most cheapest same size as the snoot pro. apprised the air to 400 croats 9.7 starts at 651 request for laptop flat get the private plan and i had paid 9.7 in. by notepad processing power i wouldn't
6:27 pm
recommend it to replace the laptop. as software options and the super i. paddleballs >> pam:coming up. world leaders working together to prevent nuclear weapons. we have the highlights from plus. researchers find a new link between football and cognitive abilities. how the sport is impacting youth football players. more san francisco police officers in hot water over racist text messages.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
this in >> reporter: attorneys accusing five more sentences " police officers of sending a homophobic texts. the san francisco police chief says that a halt just a san francisco de interment kron 4 news
6:31 pm
a group >> reporter: of people tags' found recently. calligraphy's is being cleaned up as soon as it appears more lights or security possibly more cameras. alan 30 she was able to hand over her money. and of these tesla's were more affordable and very fuel- efficient a great part for their family.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: was 10:00 a.m. known was camping out here and for the apple store for the release and then there's been much. often the >> j.r.: distance we are talking up a bridge series exhibition style as the a's to take on the giants' first ball game here at at&t park.
6:33 pm
>> britteny: beach has a roller with a warning sticker waves from the water temperatures are now 73 napa 73 fairfield in much closer to daly city it 5255 and have monday and then 61 redwood city the wind gusts of 31 m.p.h. 24 a word the 37 vallejo still another windy afternoon and then wind speeds subsidence the rest of tonight 70 degrees and livermore and then and a low 60s in san francisco 71 santa rosa and still the fifth half
6:34 pm
moon bay. depends on where you are the seven forecast showing it starts to warm things up more into saturday sunday and job of it monday before warming up again next wednesday in the to the '80s. >> catherine: it's always considered a big deal - since it brings together nearly 60 world leaders. they're talking about ways to prevent nuclear terrorism. president obama launched this initiative 6 years ago - in the hopes of creating a world free of nuclear weapons. a goal that still seems very far away. leaders of japan and southa big focus of this summit -- north korea's recent nuclear north korea conducted its most recent nuclear test in january - the white house is hoping that
6:35 pm
china can help in easing the threat from north korea.although when it comes to's often been a strained relationship. china 'did' agree this year to tougher sanctions on north
6:36 pm
korea. donald trump took a break from campaigning today to try to mend fences with republican leaders in washington, d=c. trump stayed well away from reporters as he met with members tweeting afterwards that he is the candidate to unite the party. however his comments. since retracted. about punishing women who get illegal abortions. has his rivals scrambling to put distance between them and the presidential candidate that comment is wrong and shows how little he undersstands the serious issues in this election presidential candidate it appears as though when he does these events and people press him he becomes unmoored, and then has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to correct all the mistakes he's made democrat hillary clinton unveiled a web ad today calling trump's comment "outrageous and california has seen a surge of young voters registering and showing interest in the upcoming presidential election in the past three months. according to state officials more than 560 thousand people have either registered or updated there exsisting voting information this year.
6:37 pm
36 percent of those people are between the ages of 17 and 25. only a little more than 425 thousand voters registered in all of 20-14. still ahead. a new discovery regarding youth football and brain injuries. how it can affect cognitive abilities.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
new at six. researchers say there is a link between football and cognitive abilities. a new study by boston university shows a connection between the number of hits a player takes in high school and college football. and the development of cognitive abilities as an
6:41 pm
adult. the study is the first of its kind to look at the connection between the total number of head impacts an athlete sustained. and difficulties later in life such as depression, apathy, and behavioral dysfunction. the 49ers are officially on the hook for colin kaepernick's 11- for this season. crowell have a video of the legionella miss all coming up tonight with all sorts next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> grant: dahna cut for the
6:45 pm
salary at it became guaranteed not a question as will get the money hasn't niner or another team. the broncos could be in place although the 49ers want more than a third round pick reportedly offered. the niners
6:46 pm
for the ninth season two-time pro bowler now heading to dc. now one of the franchise record 68 game in utah and then one guy did not make the trip injured got together with the right shirt co. early april fool's prank and then of festive also injured. to soar >> reporter: 6 close lawyers say that at the center would be released.
6:47 pm
72 wins and the see record 73 wins. they are now 2 games ahead of the '95-96 bulls 72-win pace. the warriors only need to go 5-2 to break that record >> grant: to baseball. the springtime giants start officially monday and both are back in the bay area tonight.
6:48 pm
today is not on those days. mid- 50s. preparing for the season preparing for tonight's game against oakland a's. >> j.r.: bay bridge series exhibition style but it is the bay bridge series a here in the bay area. these guys playing the group here in the bay area and the in the clubhouse prepare for tonight's game both managers earlier this afternoon i got
6:49 pm
here live in tennessee buster warming up take them on for san francisco giants should be a fun night.
6:50 pm
>> grant: and august up there but i saw will earlier in the family out in force. they're deciding to go with the former ninth round draft pick and the opening day starter at third the first season of the worst season of his career last year for the red sox struggle.
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
>> gabe: and you apple updates coming up on kron 4 news. >> pam: the brand is called "ivy park" it is partially named after her the collection features sportswear-- including crop tops, sweatshirts, jackets, and at topshop. nordstrom. and net- a full hour of entertainment news is on the way. tonight at 7-30. then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 that's it for the kron 4 news at 6. >> britteny: the rest of tonight lisa loeb a patchy fog and then close to the week and pereira quarter 74 degrees in sunday's
6:55 pm
like cooler on monday and then temperatures restart warm-up and next week. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 8 o'clock. see you then.
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking toda number one, the calculating kardashians at it again. >> we come under fire all the time. >> from kim's racy selfies to lamar and kaitlin back in the news. why is it that we can't get enough of the family? and iggy azalea's fiance is in the hot seat. is a secretly are recorded cheating video theend? and number three, prince william, a knight in armor. why his duty first self
7:00 pm
second kindness now touching the world? plus our "insider" bonus, reality mom kendra w underattack? >> your mother is going to be comin with a tell >> my exclusive sit down with her. >> i prayed that she doesn't write this book. now hollywood f the inside out, it's "the insider" t with yahoo! oprah says good to an era. coming up, the lights go out at her studios in chicago. the number story we're tracking, keeping up with the kardashians. there's a lot going on, is lamar drinking again. kaitlin is sending out more selfies. >> here's a ne twist, level of fascination, you don't want to look, but have to. >> and it's


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